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Release Date:
Rating: 6.5
Directed by
David Leitch
Written by
Zak Olkewicz, Kôtarô Isaka
Based on
Jim Garrity, Toshitaka Katsumi, Kaori Taketani, Minchi Murakami, Kevin Akiyoshi Ching, Karen Fukuhara, Masi Oka, Zazie Beetz, ogan Lerman, Bad Bunny, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji
87North, CTB Inc., Hill District Media
Netflix Animation, Netflix
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Bullet Train is without a doubt the new movie of the moment. Directed by David Leitch, it tells the story of a group of assassins on a bullet train heading for Kyoto and in addition to action we can enjoy many laughs in the cinema, its comic essence certainly makes it stand out among other action movies.

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Bullet Train that can boast a cast of millions of dollars with actors such as: Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Hiroyuki Sanada and special appearances by Bad Bunny and Ryan Reynolds, we can draw countless topics mainly about the looks used on the big screen like the iconic golden belt that makes up the visual of the Mexican mobster Del Lobo played by the bad bunny or the complete pink look inspired by the Japanese high school uniform, with Hello Kitty accessories worn by Joey King to bring the Prince to life.

In addition to all these iconic styles that have just marked the history of cinema, we are here to talk especially about the Buckt Hat, which has all the potential to become the star of our outfits and is the essence of LadyBug, the murderer who stars in one of Hollywood royalty: Brad Pitt.

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"Bullet Train" is presented to us as a black comedy, light, full of action, but with powerful characters. Hence, it is the charisma of Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry who manages to lift the film in its most hollow moments. A film directed by David Leitch, award-winning stuntman who in recent years has carved out a more than compelling career as a director thanks to films like “John Wick” (14) or “Deadpool 2” (18).

Want to Watch ‘Bullet Train?’ Here’s How to Stream

In "Bullet Train" the story takes us inside a bullet train that travels from Tokyo to Morioka, with various stops in between. There we will meet five contract killers who must fulfill missions that are closely related to each other.

The result is a film in which the action and the violent and bloody scenes swing, with moments in which we are left with the feeling that the tools and resources that Leitch had could have been used much better. There is even padding in the explanations we are given of some of the individual stories of some of the characters. Some like that of El Lobo a character played by Bad Bunny himself could be omitted without problems and that would not affect the development of the plot.

Luckily, all the buts of the film are supplied with the work of the main actors and with some funny cameos. But if something gives value to “Bullet Train” it is the style that Leitch has been defining and that turns all of his works into pure entertainment with his Tarantine-like moments.

We will see the path he takes in the future, although it is still time for him to film a film noir without so much action. I am convinced that it would fit him more than well.

The film, directed by David Leitch, has Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sandra Bullock in its cast. We explain the references that appear in it.

Bullet Train, Brad Pitt's new action movie, has already hit theaters. The film, based on the novel Maria Beetle by Kōtarō Isaka, stars David Leitch behind the scenes and follows an assassin on a mission aboard a bullet train. The problem? There are more like him on board the vehicle with the same goal.

Here's Where to Watch and Stream ‘Bullet Train’

Knowing that Leitch, the same man behind John Wick (A Good Day to Kill) and Deadpool 2, is the director, spectacular fights, action and violence are the order of the day in the film. But Bullet Train also has some hidden references. For example: Ryan Reynolds' cameo and Percy Jackson's 'easter-egg'.

When 'Bullet Train' appears before you, it shows what it is from the beginning. Already in the first bars of the film, because of the dialogue, the images and the photography and because of that color you realize that the film is radiating too much and that it behaves like the typical film in which it does not take itself seriously herself. That, far from being an obstacle or slowing down its progression, shows us how far it is capable of going to make us have fun, the final object for which 'Bullet Train' was created and which it reasonably achieves.

Something exaggerated may seem in most moments, especially when the action appears, since we are seeing how everything happens on a train, something similar to what happens in the Korean movie 'Train to Busan', but without zombies in between, of course. What there is is blood, a lot of it, and a black humor used in a very intelligent way to penetrate little by little in the public and make them enjoy it.

Perhaps this is the greatest attraction of 'Bullet Train', that humor so well placed at specific moments but that is nonetheless present throughout the entire footage, like a kind of aura that surrounds each word that is born from the script.

Good thing Bullet Train came, Brad!

Precisely this blood and humor shows reminiscences of possible tributes and/or inspiration to or from Quentin Tarantino's cinema. Various aspects of the film, such as the perfectly choreographed action that we have at all times or some forms of murder that the, forgive me the redundancy, professional assassins that we have in 'Bullet Train' leave our jaws agape and at the same time generate laughter like only the most absurd ways of fighting they could do.

But David Leitch has had an immense success in 'Bullet Train': Brad Pitt and letting him flow and be. The American actor is huge, funny and showing his best acting skills in this movie. The weight is, obviously almost entirely, for him, and far from wasting it, he plays a totally remarkable role and with great pleasure. His character is hilarious and complements him perfectly with the gestures and faces that he makes during his work. You laugh a lot with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Bad Bunny but without a doubt it is Brad Pitt who gives a qualitative leap to the film and leaves the level of the performances at a very high level.

So in 'Bullet Train', far from getting bored of the exaggeration and humor it contains and letting ourselves fall for that swing of not taking itself seriously, we can also take refuge in an intense story of revenge, serious and original. Thus, those who go looking for one thing will have it and those who go looking for another will have it too; but let's not forget that we are dealing with a hilarious job, of very high quality and that it goes by as fast as the speed that those trains seem to take, listen to him.

For a few years now, the summer theaters have been falling into a rut where the big premieres are limited to the great delivery of superheroes on duty and a good handful of films for the little ones, displacing other entertainment film proposals to the platforms. streaming, and it's been a while since we came across a movie like 'Bullet Train', a wild action comedy that, however, does not give up the great show.

From the hand of David Leitch, the hand behind 'Atomic' or 'Deadpool 2', it is not difficult to imagine what kind of film we are facing, but what is surprising about the project is its high-class casting and a more generous display of media than what we can find in similar offers such as the great 'Gunpowder Milkshake' and even the resounding 'Nobody'. It is logical to think that this budget step has to do with the presence of a Brad Pitt having a great time, which has probably made him trust the studio to release it globally.

Bullet Train antidote against Marvel and DC

And it is not little to say in a scenario in which the public has only gone to theaters to see episodes of the Marvel serial, and is still stuck in the idea of the blockbuster as part of something bigger that never quite arrives. If the shared universe gimmick allows for interconnections and a much larger story, it also offers a long-term complication and commitment that ends up taking its toll in the fourth phase or the third section of the fifth movement. The cinema has been fed up with itself.

Leitch's film continues in the modes of criminal action with British overtones and Tarantino heritage —those anachronistic labels to introduce the characters, full of rock music that nobody listens to today and an attitude of a scoundrel movie from the mid-2000s that , however, do not bury most of its virtues: a vertiginous narration, well-constructed characters and a tangled puzzle of situations that generate several lines of simultaneous tension.

The return Bullet Train of crazy Brad Pitt from '12 monkeys' and 'Snatch'

And it is that if the protagonist of Pitt is a weirdo that we want to see all the time, they do not miss his large cast of secondary, such as the memorable Lemon and Tangerine, the fleeting butcher of Bad Bunny or the enigmatic anime bear. Everyone is on a moving train but there is no situation like 'Unstoppable' or 'Speed', in fact part of the fun of development is waiting at each stop to see what surprise awaits the characters.

It's not a good idea to give away any of the plot, but you can expect a good tangle of crime people interconnected in the most unlikely ways, lots of violence, untimely flashbacks, blood, funny jokes, some not so funny, hand fights, knife fights , gunshots, explosions, macabre humor, killers, hitmen, slapstick humor, yakuza, cartels, unlikely and well-placed cameos, and an explosion of Kawai imagery to satisfy any otaku.

I can finally tell you. It's been a few days since I saw "Bullet Train" and I needed to share the experience in this review. Summer, heat, time to rest on the beach. And time to watch movies to turn off the brain and have fun. Well, "Bullet Train" gave me exactly that (the thing about turning off the brain, there isn't a beach in Madrid at the moment). Not an intense story, not a movie to rack your brains with. Any. 2 hours of simply having fun. Very well. No more no less. That is why it is, for me, the film of the summer.

What’s the best way to watch Bullet Train?

David Leitch, the director of "Deadpool 2", tells in "Bullet Train" a new story of assassins and mercenaries whose mission gets out of hand. Rather, their missions. Because each of the bloodthirsty passengers on this Japanese bullet train has something different to do. On one side is Mariquita (Brad Pitt), who has to steal a briefcase. On the other are the "twins" Lemon and Tangerine (Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who have to bring home the kidnapped son of a yakuza leader, The White Plague. Then there's The Prince (Joey King), who wants to kill that same mob leader. And at the "Bullet Train" party he sneaks up to Bad Bunny as the fearsome El Lobo, a ferocious hit man who cries out for revenge.

As you can see, everything is incredibly exaggerated and striking from the names themselves. And, as you can also imagine, they all end up crossing each other along the train. Because one of the coolest things about "Bullet Train" is that practically the entire movie takes place in one place, in the cars of this modern, very kawaii bullet train that travels from Tokyo to Kyoto. A very small space that gives a lot of room for both action and humor. The stories of the characters are intertwined in such bizarre and unpredictable ways that, in the end, you don't know who to trust or what secret intention each one has.

Brad Pitt has been one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood for several decades and still remains one of today's most popular movie stars. This year we had already been able to see him in a hilarious secondary role in 'The Lost City' and now he returns as the absolute protagonist in 'Bullet Train'.

Based on the novel by Kōtarō Isaka that already had a Japanese theatrical version in 2018, 'Bullet Train' is the last great blockbuster of the summer and also a hobby, perhaps the best movie of the summer. It is true that he wants to be witty more than necessary, but it doesn't matter how entertaining he keeps the viewer, showing in the process that he can play much better than almost any Marvel movie with similar ingredients.

Some may be surprised by the last statement in the previous paragraph, since in 'Bullet Train' there is no trace of superheroes, but it does use a cocktail that immediately brings Marvel to mind. I am referring to a mixture of action, comedy and violence that at the moment of truth is much more difficult to balance successfully than it might seem at first.

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In the case of 'Bullet Train', humor is committed above all else, another point in common with many Marvel adventures, which is very recent in the case of 'Thor: Love & Thunder'. From the insecurities of the protagonist played by Pitt to the personalities of the rest of the characters with importance in the plot, everything seems outlined so that fun prevails over the rest.

The high-speed train is considered the safest means of transport in the world. Despite the impressive speed with which it moves forward, the passenger can comfortably rest inside it without any kind of shaking or turbulence.

Director David Leitch's movie Bullet Train could be an elaborate analogy for that. Despite its fast-paced, excessive and full of personalities story, the viewer may well not know anything and instead rest his head on the glass to close his eyes and rest.

Sometimes the cinema drinks from many other influences. You can see the hand of some mythical director, the visual style of some film school, or the paths of a well-established genre. In general, these elements allow the author in turn to build something of his own by reinventing them.

But the real tragedy is when you have everything at hand and the result is just a confused collage of familiar figures. The movie Bullet Train suffers from that evil. There will be those who recognize in its two hours of duration the style of Quentin Tarantino; or the fight sequences from the Jackie Chan movies. However, all of that is present without a novel purpose other than to repeat formulas.

Defining the plot of the film is complicated when there is hardly one. His story seems to be built on the fly and, when there are not enough explanations, comedy is used as a filler. In this Brad Pitt plays a hit man codenamed Catarina (Ladybug). He is on a mission to steal a briefcase full of money found on a train from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Require and enables you to enjoy your favorite Bullet Train conveniently and safely

Also on board are "The Twins" Tangerine and Lemon (Aaron Taylor Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry), who must bring the son of a dangerous mob boss back home, along with the aforementioned briefcase. In addition, other prominent figures make an appearance: the head of a Mexican cartel seeking revenge (Benito Martínez Ocasio, "Bad Bunny"); a sociopath disguised as a schoolgirl (Joey King); a father searching for the person responsible for the accident of his son (Andrew Koji); and many other unnecessary players and cameos.

David Leitch has accustomed us to movies with high doses of action, see John Wick (2014), Atomic (2017), the Deadpool saga or Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (2019), therefore, what we are going to find in Bullet Train is just that: action through a tube with familiar faces like Brad Pitt, carrying the weight of the show, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sandra Bullock or Hiroyuki Sanada among many others.

The film adapts the Japanese novel Kotaro Isaka published in 2010 and focuses on the figure of Mariquita, Pitt's character, a hit man who happily thinks that his stage as a hitman is over but that he will have to take on another job: rob a briefcase on the bullet train bound for Kyoto. What she doesn't know is that five more assassins are traveling on the same train with the same objective. The fight is served.

With the highly anticipated release of the upcoming action-comedy, Bullet Train, just a couple of months away, a new set of character posters from the film have been released, offering a fresh look at the film's cast and also featuring a colorful attractive.

The first in a new series of character posters shows the main character Ladybug (Brad Pitt), a seasoned assassin holding a briefcase against a white background. Coinciding with the character's name, ladybugs are seen crawling all over the poster. The second character's poster shows the mascot, Momomon, against a dark blue background.

The following poster focuses on the killer, Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry), who was seen trying to quietly fight Ladybug in a comedic scene from the film's trailer. Keeping with the theme of the rest of the posters, the background features images of lemon branches, matching the character's name. Keeping with the fruit theme, Lemon's associate Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) stands in a serious pose with tangerine trees behind him in his own solo poster.

Andrew Koji and Joey King, as Yuichi Kimura and The Prince, also appear in their own exciting set of posters, with graphics of fish behind Koji's character and crowns wrapping around King's purple background. Hornet (Zazie Beetz) has a yellow background with snakes on it and Hiroyuki Sanada, who plays the Elder, has a cane with a tiger background.

6 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 8.5

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